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Typeface Design

I've been a long time admirer of the inspiration for this typeface. Its pretty obvious if you know you type designers or see the style used but its...Wim Crouwel. He's a hero of mine and the person who inspired me to get into font design. Many years ago during University he was a part of a project and created another typeface which i'll reveal soon that is going through a full makeover.

Designed on a grid structure and using a drawing template approach to make characters from a set number of interconnecting pieces. I wanted to see how far a few pieces could be made into varying forms. I think I used about 8-10 to build the entire font.

From a distant perspective the font set looks bitmap but as you get closer you can see the radial corners on the Upper, Lowercase and Basic set of glyphs. Almost reminds me of the old dot matix printers from school days!

Currently font set has no multilingual support but contains Alternatives and Basic Ligatures.


Font Download Pending Review.
Coming Soon!

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