Welcome To My Creative Gathering Of All Things Pixel

I’m Alex or AB if your aware of my online gaming presence.

Fuelled by Coffee and Haribo* (*or any other branded sweets) I love to experiment and create new designs that interest.
I'd say I specialise in Branding and Identity, and vector based graphics but am always expanding and learning more techniques and i'm also self taught in web development HTML5 CSS. This site is my own handiwork from the ground up, may not be perfect coding but im very happy! Check out my Portfolio for a showcase of my favourite creations.

A self-confessed typography nutcase as i’m always scribbling new text frameworks and ideas for the next typographic project, whether it be a full font or logotype. I see my type designs as very structured and grid based, down the fact Wim Crouwel is a huge inspiration. More and more typefaces are being tested and released into the wild so take a look at the links available as it's updating all the time.

I've always been an avid video gamer and as a bit of a petrol-head it led me to take up the hobby of gaming specifically in Forza Motorsport & Recently Project Cars where I’m replicating and creating original motorsport designs both for enjoyment and for growing world of eSports.

My dream is to work in the livery industry in the real world not just virtual cars. The Motorsport page is in construction at the moment whilst I work on some concept templates but if you'd like to see how my creative ideas work my flickr Gallery has all my Forza & GT Sport designs showcased.

If I’m not gaming it’s a strange and eclectic range of music I'm listening too, watching and playing football and golf that keeps me entertained mostly.
Enjoy viewing my works and if you have a project or creative need that I can help with, hit me up with an email or via social media.
I’d love to hear your feedback and hope to work with you soon.